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OK. I'm new here, and I joined this community, because I really like the concept of it, and it seems really cool. I don't want to take up so much space on here, so I'll post in lj-cuts as often as possible.

This post is dedicated to stim-cell research.

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me happy at swimming



im new to this community

im 13, from california, USA

well, anyways, the community info said I could rant about anything, so here goes nothing...

ok, so i met this guy quique (pronounced kee-kay) when I joined a swim team, right? so we are like totally into each other from day 1. so we like flirt every day... well, 3 days a week, which is the only times we ever see each other, cuz thats when the team meets.

well anyways, on friday we had a sort of fundraiser instead of our regular practice. it was like a swim-a-thon, where people pledge you like 50 cents a lap or something...

so my friends come cuz they wanna meet quique, right?

so he comes a 5:00 pm, even though it starts at 4:15. i was freaking out, cuz the only reason i went was to make a move on him (i was gonna kiss him and pretend it was a dare unless he kissed me back) cuz i didnt really feel like swimming. so anyway, he comes and you can like hear us all breathe a sigh of relief, for one reason or another. so he gets in and starts swimming, an we both finish around the same time.

so I'm drying off and changing and junk, and two of my other friends are talking, one of which is in quique's carpool. so while they're talking, i'm playing basketball with quique and my other friend clement, and his sister lizzie. so we are playing, and I'm hella flirting with quique, right? so emily (the friend who WASN'T in quique's carpool) comes up to me in the basketball courts, her face looks all hurt:

The curtain rises to reveal HALEY, a average-sized 13-year-old blue-eyed brunette wearing jeans, high-tops, and a shirt wiht the logo of a local restaurant, "Vitte"; and EMILY, a slim 13-year-old brunette with brown eyes, wearing a racerback swimsuit and a towel.

HALEY- whats's wrong?
EMILY- quique's got a fucking girlfriend
HALEY- it was too good to be true
EMILY- ya. we should pretend we dont know, so you can still make out w/ him

the curtains close...

but then she goes and talks to him. by the end of the night i'm in tears and roberto is being a bitch. he wont even come comfort me or anything. he knows that i wont talk to him but thats not the point. the point is that i dont think he was planning on ever telling me that he had a girlfriend... the point is that I still love him even though I wish that I hated him...
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To Stir or not to stir?

Inviting anyone and everyone to contribute their 2 cents to my recent LJ entry about Britney Spears. I melodramatically poured my heart out with sympathy to the sex kitten, and am getting a mix of "you stupid, stupid bitch" posts and "like whatever you want to" posts...

feel free to rip and tear anywhere you see fit. Thanks for your time,
Autumn May
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graar! <3

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hey, everyone. i'm the new kidddddddd. my name's jeannie, i'm 14 years old, and i live in tokyo, japan. i like it here.

i don't understand the concept of self-hatred or self-insulting or fishing for compliments, and who benefits from it. actually, scratch that. i don't understand the concept of denying compliments. it just leaves the complimenter feeling downright smelly and the complimentee like they've never been complimented anyway.

hanson really isn't as bad as people think. :D
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I'm so lonely will you be my friend?

I feel so dirty when I think about girls. And I feel so dirty thinking about sex with my boyfriend. Why is love such a dirty thing? Why does all my friends automatically think that because I like girls I like them? It's not like that. I like girls and I like boys. I don't like all girls just like I don't like all boys.

I don't want people to be afraid of me and my sexuality.
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I wonder who came up with teh idea of new year's resolutions? I mean, if you want to change yourself, why not try it at a different part of the year, like spring?
I make resolutions once in a while, but mine are never around New Years. Right now I'm working on Christmas resolution, like working out, not drinking soda, not eating as much junk, and drawing more.

What are your guys's resolutions if you made any?
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