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OK. I'm new here, and I joined this community, because I really like the concept of it, and it seems really cool. I don't want to take up so much space on here, so I'll post in lj-cuts as often as possible.

This post is dedicated to stim-cell research.

Right now, I have been thinking about stem-cell research a lot. It seems like an OK thing to do. Here's the plus's about it (or the ones I can think of):

  • They have the potential to treat or cure a myriad of diseases, including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, spinal cord injuries and burns.
  • The embryo that your killing cannot feel, so it'd be painless.. or just blah since they do not know of pain yet.
  • Stem cell research is the next step in advancing the medical field.
  • This research also benefits the study of development events that cannot be studied directly in a human embryo, which would cause major clinical consequences such as birth defects, infertility and pregnancy loss.

Those are some of the benefits of stem-cell research that I have found. Here is the disadvantage:

  • You'd be killing a living thing.

How do you feel about stem-cell research?
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