Amy (hurricane_amy) wrote in we_r_simply_us,

penis envy?

i want a dick so i can tell unpleasant people to suck my dick and be able to whip it out, where as now when i say it i can't really back it up....
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thats probably the best reason i've heard heard to have a penis. ; )
Oh I forgot to say something in my last post.
-That's not only the best reason but the only reason to have a penis.-
yes it is the only i want one, on me that is... :)
lol, ^.^ If I want to say "Suck my dick" I say "Suck my left big toe" instead, that way I can whip it out!
that could work huh... :)

Deleted comment

hey there josiah! welcome!!!

you are heard!!
I have Dick I am going to try that now :-D
man i wish mine would just magically appear and then disappear! :)